December is here – the term is ending, the winds are howling, due dates are looming, and papers are flying. It feels dreary but it is not all that bad, because the Law Revue is coming and the tickets are now selling!

The Law Revue is an annual law-themed stage production produced by your fellow students and professors from the School of Law. A tradition unique to the School of Law – It is a platform for members of the school to bond and flex some artistic flair while taking potshots at the law or life in the School of Law.

What is in Store This Year?

This year, we are back with more thrills and spills! Your fellow course mates and favourite professors will be on stage flaunting their talents and showing sides of themselves you never thought they had. Some of the acts include the likes of Professor Todd and Professor Birch singing, and Professor Gravells and Professor Todd acting (Hint: or being sung about). There are sketches and songs about some landmark cases, and the little things that we all go through as a law student.

Strategically timed to happen right before we break for the winter holidays, the Law Revue promises to bring some festive cheer and cheeky takes on life in the School of Law from both the perspectives of the faculty and students.

If you feel stifled from all the Land Law coursework, EU case names and Contract Law, this would definitely be the avenue for you to get right back at them, because we have made sure that they would most certainly be laughed at!

Count Me In – Fill Me In on the Details!

The Law Revue will be held at the Keighton Auditorium on Thursday 11th December 2014 at 7pm. So what are you waiting for? Drop the cup of coffee you are holding, and surf over from your Facebook account to to secure your seat for the fantastical night for just £5!

All proceeds from this year’s ticket sales will go to Oxfam’s Ebola Charity appeal, which supports the relevant health authorities to address the Ebola outbreak. What better way to round off the term by having a good laugh and bringing some joy to those in need?

We hope to see you soon at the Law Revue 2014!