About Advocate Magazine

We are Advocate Magazine. Please get in touch if you’d like to join the team.


Ee Hsien Tan - President

Ee Hsien is a fourth year Law with American Law student. She previously spent a year abroad in Austin, where she studied American law at the University of Texas School of Law. She was a Journalist of the magazine in her second year, before being an International Affairs Editor during her year abroad. She enjoys playing tennis and watching rugby during her free time.


Beverly Tran - Vice President

Beverly is a 4th Year student studying Law with European Law, having spent a year abroad in Vienna. As a Vice President of Advocate Magazine, she aids the President in overseeing the functioning of the magazine as a whole and assists other committee members when required. Having been on the Advocate committee previously in her second year as the Head Design Editor, Advocate has long been a passion of hers. She enjoys the achievement of successfully creating a publication which is student-oriented and student-led that highlights current political and legal affairs and sheds light on the impact of these and discusses opinions as well.


Filip Sys - Vice President

Fil is a second year Law student. Whilst holding the position of Vice President of Advocate Magazine; he is also a regular political commentator on University Radio Nottingham (URN), Vice-Captain of the Law School’s Rugby team and a member of the Debating Union. Fil is fascinated by the world of politics and, whether it is Brexit or the election of Donald Trump; he does not shy away from discussing the controversial. Last year was an exciting year for politics and the Law, and he hopes that 2017 will follow suit with Advocate providing original articles throughout the year.


Sara Al-lawati - Treasurer

ara Al Lawati is currently a second year student undertaking the Law LLB at the University of Nottingham. She is the Treasurer of Advocate and is tasked with making sure that the society has sufficient funds to run society events, print copies of the magazine and most importantly, feed the committee and members with Domino pizzas (the much-needed fuel to produce our articles)! Originally from Muscat, Oman, Sara is an active participant in various societies on campus, such as the University of Nottingham Law Society, Pro Bono society and Model United Nations.


Claire Seah - Head Content Editor

Claire is a second year law student at the University of Nottingham. She is the Head Content Editor of Advocate and the Lead Style Editor for Impact Magazine. These editorial roles have given her the chance to engage with talented and passionate writers from various University faculties and to improve her WordPress skills! Aside from her love for journalism and couture, she is a keen photographer, enjoys traveling as it allows her to learn about new cultures and would never say no to a Wes Anderson film. She hails from Singapore and is particularly interested in sustainability and human rights issues.


Ruth Scott - Deputy Head Content Editor

Ruth is a fourth year student studying law at the University of Nottingham. She spent the third year of her degree at the University of Sydney, as part of a year-long exchange program because she is taking a degree in Law with Australian Law. She is currently the Deputy Head Content Editor of Advocate magazine has been a keen member of the Advocate team since her first year in university. Upon graduating from law school, Ruth hopes to become a solicitor with a focus in the area of commercial law.


Beth Webb-Strong - International Affairs Editor

Bethany is a third year BA Law student, currently studying SEA Law in Singapore. She is an International Affairs Editor and this is her second year with Advocate. Enchanted by the Performing Arts, she spends her free time rehearsing for upcoming theatrical productions, blogging and travelling. As an avid reader, her love of books has drawn her to both editing and writing; she enjoys producing pieces for both Advocate and Impact magazine. Beth is particularly interested in producing investigative articles which fearlessly question commonly held beliefs and norms, encouraging the readership to think outside the box.


Tessa Sim - International Affairs Editor

Tessa is a second year law student at the University of Nottingham studying for a Law LLB. She is one of two International Affairs Editors on the Advocate team. Apart from enjoying a good interactive graphic and the occasional satirical article, she equally enjoys a good meal. If she’s not in a lecture or tutorial, there is a 99% chance that you will find her at home, tucked in bed under her sheets watching a good film (or the entire 10 seasons of Friends).


Joey Lim - Domestic Affairs Editor

Joey Lim is a final year LLB student at the University of Nottingham, and this is her third year with Advocate. Prior to taking on the role of Domestic Affairs Editor, she has had extensive experience with Advocate as a journalist and the International Affairs Editor. She has a keen interest in intellectual property law developments and the East Asian political scene.


Matthew Wee - Head Design Editor

Matthew is currently a second year student at the University of Nottingham studying for a Law LLB. He is the Head Design Editor for Advocate and is in charge of the graphics, images and layout for the print magazines as well as for providing design input for the Advocate website. He was interested in joining the Advocate team as it gave him the opportunity to merge his interests in graphic design and current affairs. Besides his degree and these pursuits, he also enjoys cooking, discovering new music and is a competitive powerlifter.


Ella Dixon-Nuttall - Deputy Design Editor

Ella is in her second year at the University of Nottingham. She is the Deputy Design Editor for Advocate. She is studying Law with Australian Law which means she’ll be off to sunny Sydney for a year abroad in July while most of the Advocate team will be left in dreary Nottingham! She’s always loved anything creative so really enjoys working on the design side of the magazine, which combines her interest in current legal and political affairs with her artistic side. Her other interests include travelling and she’ll happily take any opportunity to see the world and experience new places.


Annabel Pahl - Publicity Officer

Annabel is a second year student, studying for the Law LLB. She is half German and orginally from London. She was interested in Advocate Magazine and even has her own theatre blog (girlintheuppercircle.org). Therefore, she wanted to transfer these writing skills to producing aticles about current affairs and legal issues. She also loves watching Law and Order SVU (its educational!) and is a massive fan of University Challenge. In her spare time she loves dancing, acting and travelling. From her travels, her favourite destination is currently Singapore, because of the friendly culture and amazing weather.