Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury/Advocate Readers!

The University of Nottingham Bar Society has been named by the Bar Council of England and Wales as the ‘Best Society’ and I am certain that our committee and members could not agree more!

In the last academic year the society ran several successful trips to the Old Bailey, Lincoln’s Inn, Gray’s Inn and held a fabulous debut Christmas meal. Furthermore, several sessions were organised with leading barristers, judges and authors, who gave us an unprecedented insight into a career at the Bar – not to mention our alumni who keep coming back to see us!

Bar Soc- Joe GratzIf you are uncertain about becoming a barrister or even uninterested, the Bar Society is a brilliant opportunity to learn more about the legal profession as a whole, which is undergoing some significant changes right now. This society is undoubtedly an “enabling” society – meet, discover and enjoy with a characterful bunch of fellow students from several degree disciplines. It has certainly given me some great memories and new friends.

Our glorious President, Sam Peake (the LexisNexis guy), along with the rest of the lovely committee, promise an incredible year ahead, packed with more court trips, mock trials, skills sessions and formal dinners. What’s there not to like? If you haven’t joined yet, you probably should.

Images courtesy of FuFu Wolf and Joe Gratz under Creative Commons licence.