The study abroad scheme run by the law school is an incredible opportunity provided to third year students of the undergraduate law degree. With the law school having contacts at over 20 universities worldwide, third year law students have the chance to study for a year in Europe or further afield in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, America and Singapore (to name but a few)!

The year abroad experience is completely unique – with all the knowledge gained from your first two years at Nottingham, you are thrown into the deep end once again, but this time with only a couple of suitcases and (in many cases) the inability to understand the local language! What is gained from the year is totally invaluable. Students will become familiar with the legal system of their ‘new’ country, giving them the ability to compare and contrast with the English legal system, as well as developing the skills to critically analyse the law in greater depth. Students will also become familiar with the culture and traditions of their foster country, and fully take advantage of all new experiences offered.

If you are not a Law and Language student, you are given the opportunity to transfer to the four year course at the beginning of your second year. Those lucky enough to gain a place will have no regrets because the year abroad scheme will give students more than just academic progression, it will develop the hugely important transferable life skills setting you apart from your peers. And you will have the time of your life!