We are constantly told how highly employers regard the ability to speak a foreign, especially in today’s increasingly globalised market. If you’ve chosen to study Law with a Language, you’ve already gone a long way to make yourself stand out in the ever competitive Training Contract market.

Having just completed my first year on the BA Law with French and French Law programme, I can say that whilst juggling two disciplines can be a challenge, I have found that studying Law with a Language has definitely been the right decision for me.

In first year, you will study a compulsory 20 credit language module, along with 20 optional credits from your chosen language. The optional modules vary from language to language but can include history, literature and even film studies. You may find there is a temptation to prioritise your law modules over the language ones, but the trick to doing well overall in your degree is to make sure you are finding the right balance between the two.

I have found that studying law with a language has helped me to become more rounded academically, and, as unexciting as it sounds, conjugating verbs in the subjunctive can provide welcome respite from reading 30 page contract law cases!  And of course, whilst your other law friends are busy applying for the competitive year abroad places in second year, you can relax in the knowledge that you will definitely be spending third year in the country of your chosen language, having an incredible time immersing yourself in a foreign culture and enjoying new experiences.