Things I wish I had Known as a First Year

Things I wish I had Known as a First Year

Saturday 20 September 2014 - Lauren Turner

  • Use a laptop in lectures if you are able (it is so much easier to keep track of your notes) and download the module hand outs from Moodle – this will allow you to copy and paste a case name where they’re particularly difficult to spell and mean you’re not flicking across countless pieces of paper.


  • Laptops in tutorials are not advised. Some tutors outlaw it, others allow it. Either way, looking at your laptop constantly does not make for a dynamic discussion. Some students print out notes and leave space to write additional comments.


  • Lectures are generally not a hands-up affair. There are exceptions to this and lecturers who want you to interact will usually say so. Tutorials are the place for questions and discussions. Asking a lecturer a sensible question after a lecture can be acceptable. Be warned, they may well say you should have read about that already or to ask your tutor.


  • Don’t be late to Lectures. Lecturers can refuse to let you enter the lecture theatre which is a waste of your £9000 a year fees!


  • Make sure that you keep on top of the reading for tutorials – they are an invaluable resource and are the best preparation for exams!


  • Make the most of your first year – there are incredible opportunities and projects to get involved in!


  • All contributors to Advocate Magazine get taken out for dinner at the end of the semester – it is worthwhile getting involved!


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